Garlic Mullein Ear Olive Oil with Vitamin E


Garlic and mullein together, wildcrafted by Yummy Mummy herself, extracted in organic pomace olive oil with added vitamin E heals and soothes ear infections and helps with sore throats and any ear/nose/throat complaint. Infection can only occur when the tissue is damaged on some level, this product focuses on the repair of the tissues as well as removal of the pathogen.

Garlic reduces inflammation and excessive bacterial and fungal bodily cell (somtaid) lineages that the terrain creates to assist the body to heal via release. Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) has many healing properties (see below). It is an expectorant (promotes the discharge of mucus) and is a demulcent (soothes irritated mucous membranes).

Avoid ineffective and damaging antibiotics by warming up this oil in your hand or a glass of hot water and administering 2-3 drops into each ear. Do not place anything into an ear with a ruptured ear drum (the patient will express they are in severe pain if this is the case).


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Together with the following protocol is due diligence for a swift recovery in this matter. Also, rule out food allergies/sensitivities. In Chinese medicine, the ears relate to the kidneys, so support is usually warranted. Use fresh parsley and organic corn silk in a tea to tonify the kidneys.

One drop of tea tree essential oil in each ear (always treat bilaterally), colloidal silver (one ounce) internally (or 1/2 ounce twice a day), 1000 mg sodium ascorbate 3-4 times a day, zinc lozenges, homeopathic pulsatilla 30CH, 3 times a day for 1-3 days max, a good probiotic daily, local poultice with warm water or a cooked red onion cut in half and placed at the back of the ear until cooled.

Antibiotics do not work and cause many other problems. It is in the scientific literature that antibiotics are not to be recommended for ear infections as they lead to repeat infections. Treat the body and the location properly and you won't have it again. Conventional medicine just suppresses symptoms but does not treat the root cause.

​Routine Antimicrobial Treatment of Acute Otitis Media

Antibiotics for acute middle ear infection (acute otitis media) in children

Whether it is mullein oil, or mullein essential oil, both of them contain the properties exerted by Mullein. This herb has tremendous health benefits.

  • Expectorant – It helps to detach phlegm and spit it out.
  • Analgesic – Mullein oil is a pain reliever.
  • Antioxidant – It is a herbal oil with high antioxidant capacity.
  • Anti- arthritic – it alleviates the swelling in arthritic joints.
  • Anti-inflammatory – This oil is strongly anti-inflammatory.
  • Antiseptic – It is used to wash and treat wounds so that they don’t catch infection.
  • Tranquillizing – The essential oil of Mullein can help a person relax.
  • Anti-microbial – It kills many species of fungi, bacteria and even viruses.
  • Febrifuge – It alleviates a fever, an antipyretic.
  • Diuretic – It promotes the release of urine, thus getting rid of water retention.
  • Anti-tumor – It exhibits activity against certain tumors.
  • Muscle relaxant – It is used in balms, ointments and creams to relive muscular tension and pain.
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"Amandha, your ear drops work wonders for wee ones with chronic ear infections. I used the drops once on my boy at first sign of infection and they've been fine ever since ❤️  My niece seems better already too! Thank you!"

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  1. Katie B.

    I was thrilled to be able to order this product from you. My family has used this for many years but could no longer purchase it from the other source. This helps whenever you have the slightest or even full blown ear ache and certainly avoids illness afterwards. Easy to use and you get immediate relief.

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