DMSO Peace Cream


If you are taking pharmaceutical medication, you should look up the drug overdose information because you may need to lower its use. Use the product sparingly and start slow to make sure things are compatible.


For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions. 


I am so very proud of this amazing formulation! We all need some peace... This was formerly called Pain Away Dream Cream - rub it anywhere that hurts. People call it "gold" to aid their aches and pains.

All Pure and Organic Ingredients: DMSO, Hypericum perf (St. Johnswort) oil extracted in olive oil, Arnica montana extracted in olive oil, hemp oil, rose flower distillate, preservative free aloe vera, raw shea butter, raw cacao butter, vitamin E, emulsifying wax, pure essential oils of peppermint, rosemary and lavender, love, care, God's blessing.If you are taking pharmaceutical medication, you should look up the drug overdose information because you may need to lower its use. Use the product sparingly and start slow to make sure things are compatible.

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45 reviews for DMSO Peace Cream

  1. Kristina N. (verified owner)

    I have used it just once since I bought it: on a minor burned finger, and it did not disappoint me. What followed after the application was P E A C E … and very quickly healing. Top performance, love it – just like all the products I have bought. Thank you also for the OUTSTANDING service of the YUMMY-team!

  2. Lee T.

    Can’t be without this cream. It truly takes the pain away immediately. Neck, low back, leg… so wonderful to rub on and have instant relief. Highly recommend and have lost count how many times I have reordered.

  3. Erin

    Another amazing product!!! A must have.

  4. Rob M.

    Incredible product. Has helped me for over 2 years. Highly recommended.

  5. Debra Y.

    I have just started my second jar of this!! It is one of the best products i have ever used!! It almost instantly helps relieve the pain in my hands & knee..I have never used anything that works so quickly to relieve the ache. I live in the Northeast in NY & every time a storm is coming the achiness starts..This cream is just amazing!! I can’t thank you enough!!

  6. Carla W.

    I bought for someone else because it had worked so well for me.

  7. Katryn V.

    10/10 I cannot say enough great things about this! The scent alone is amazing, and I noticed immediate results. I bruise extremely easily, and my legs have scars from a particularly brutal poison ivy experience years ago, so I had ordered this to try on both bruises and scars, and I was amazed. With DMSO that I had used previously (bought on amazon, I’ve tried dmso on its own, dmso with aloe Vera in a gel, and dmso with aloe Vera in a cream vase), it typically burns depending on the concentration, but with Amandha’s Peace Cream, the essential oils seem to soothe away any burning that might occur. If you can apply it quickly enough it seems to stop bruising in its tracks, especially with layered over a stronger solution of DMSO. I have been through at least 4 bottles now and I LOVE IT. I just wish I had Yummy Mummy here in America haha

  8. Jennifer T.

    This cream is a fantastic cream. My pain certainly is more manageable, I have advanced Arthritis of my knee, soon to have a knee replacement, DMSO cream is helping me a lot. It is a beautiful textured cream, I just love applying it it feels so good.

  9. Olga G.

    After suffering intense, erratic and spasmodic pain behind my knee and calf – for MONTHS – from an inadvertent hyper-extension of my leg, the only relief I have had is from frequent application of the DMSO Peace Cream to the area.
    I apply it a few times a day, and I swear by it. My leg is healing nicely, and faster than I’d imagined.
    Thank you so much.

  10. Miriam L.

    I have an inflammatory condition brought on by environmental toxins which will heal with a powerful detox program I’m on. However, while it’s still raging away, burning pain in my feet, lower legs, arms and hands often have me wincing. In June, 2019 I started using the DMSO Peace Cream and was utterly shocked. The very moment this cream touches my skin, the pain ceases. By the time i get it rubbed in completely, my pain has so receded, it’s literally gone and I sleep all night with no pain. I honestly think yummy mummy works some kind of magic in her products, because every single one of them not only is extremely effective, they smell good too except for that amazing DMSO! (BTW, hers is the best I’ve ever used as well). I think some days I’d like to sit in a tub on this cream. I’ll bet I’d come out with a whole new set of receptors!

  11. Willie W.

    I Love it. This cream is calming and it works very well. I had not tried it but sent it to my mother. It worked so well that I tried it for my self. It does take away the pain and seems to help heal it as i don’t use as much as i used to. Thank you so much.

    Michael W

  12. Carla W.

    The day I received the cream I rubbed it on my achey parts and was amazed how quickly it relieved my pain. I would highly recommend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making things that help.

  13. Matt Y.

    This is an amazing product! This Cream works great and smells great too. You have found the top shelf here in terms of reducing pain and healing your injuries as quickly as possible!

  14. Andie P.

    Pure magic. I suffer from fairly serious neck pain and this cream provides long term relief. Its cooling, soothing, tingly-ness penetrates deep into muscles and releases them.

  15. Patricia A.

    I am so glad I tried this! I have osteoarthritis in my hip and am always in pain. I apply this and it definitely helps.

  16. Carl V.

    Really helps my knees. I run it in morning and night.

  17. Peter F.

    Outstanding cream. This is our second purchase and will continue to get it. Thank You.


  18. Maritza R.

    I Love the product Smells very nice and it Works Wonderfully in My Joint pains i Strongly Recommend it to those who suffer with Any kinda pain it does work .

  19. Rob M.

    Awesome product. Use it for overall pain and mainly for a bad shoulder. Hooray shoulder pain is gone. Great company!

  20. Chuck Little

    I love your product it gave me immediate relief-I want to order more please send me the link!!

  21. Diane C.

    For,the first time since I can remember, I managed to sleep pain free. The first time I used DMSO super cream, I put it on sparingly as indicated but was awakened with pain. The next evening I put it on more liberally and it was wonderful. Thank you for producing an effective rub.

  22. Jeff O.

    I am a repeat customer so it must be good. Will let you know on the arnica.

  23. Rosalind W.

    My mother just loves the DMSO cream for her
    sciatic nerve. This is my second purchase.

    Thank you for a great product

    Rosalind Walker

  24. Rob M.

    Great pain cream! Please don’t stop making it. 😊

  25. Peter F.

    Have now been using the DMSO cream as needed for two weeks. Works extremely well on right thigh and lower right back discomfort.


  26. Greta T.

    My husband and I really like the pain cream, it does help quite well when applied to the skin. Will order again.

  27. Rob M.

    Wonderful pain cream. Heard about DMSO on a talk show, originally tried another DMSO product with Aloe, pain from torn deltoid and low back diminished substantially but my wife was smelling me 2 days after 😂. Luckily I found your formula and it’s even better with no dmso smell. Thankful that I found your site and pain away cream. Complete game changer. Thank you!

  28. L.B.

    Love dealing with Yummy Mummy! Amazing product, fast shipping, easy process and above all, Amandha is a knowledgeable lady – all together a great package! Will be back to order more.

  29. Nicky G.

    Just received this product in time to help my husband’s siatica. Been rubbing it over the sorest spot and it has allowed him to sleep. It seems to work.

  30. Cheryl H.

    I’m a believer!! Not only did I feel relief, I do believe it actually healed some sore spots. I had to share with some family and they loved the product too. I would recommend this Super Cream to anyone who has Pain. I’m very please with how it smells, works and the price.

  31. Earl L.

    Dmso pain away cream reduces swelling and apparently increases blood flow in my arthritic knee. Feels much better and helps me get back on track with the exercises.

  32. Carl V.

    Works on my knees. I have the onset of arthritis in my left knee, and a torn meniscus in the right knee. I apply cream morning and night. The pain is so reduced that I can go through the day without much discomfort, and can get a good nights sleep. GREAT PRODUCT !!

  33. Sherry D.

    Another amazing product! Thank you so much for creating the best natural pain cream I’ve ever used! I bought a couple extra and have given them to family members.

  34. John H.

    Great product! best salve/cream ive used so far for nerve pain/inflammation. I bought it initially for my back but switched it up to use on my Neuralgia on face that ive had 25 years or so…
    This cream works great in the TMJ or temple area to reduce inflammation there. Then, ive always had sinus pressure area so now I put it on my entire face 2x a day. Also, my skin uas improved in just 4 weeks. Even my kids like it on the sinus area next to the nose when they feel blocked. I was so surprised one day I woke up and my nose was completely clear and remained that way.
    In addition, you get the effects of the cbd transdermal. I think that helps with anxiety. So in a way, this is like a multi root cause product 🙂

  35. Yvonne Sanders

    Tthis is the only pain relief that has worked for my nerve pain. It is fabulous!

  36. Adrian A.

    Have had knee pain from a previous injury years ago. Once I rub a little into my joints within a few minutes I notice great improvement and no pain! Also gifted some to a friend and he is also very pleased with the results, excellent product.

  37. Yvonne S.

    great stuff will order again soon vonne

  38. Freda N.

    This product is great it really works and takes away pain. Will continue to buy your amazing products. Thank you for your knowledge and dedication to making these wonderful products.

  39. Yvonne S.

    the super cream is great it is the only thing that is working for I just wish that I would have found it 6 years ago cant say enough about so I wont even try the service is super great. that you even sent me 6 oz extra please let me know what to do about it send it back? keep it? , pay for it? yes it is great stuff. Love it Yvonne Sanders

  40. Michael W.

    Yes it works but need to keep put it on each day Im almost out need more money and It helps my mom she said it works

  41. Tobilyn M.

    This cream has been a life saver for my dad who suffers from Trigneminal Neuralgia which is a very painful nerve disorder in the face. I am so grateful to have found this cream and he loves it and uses it morning and night.

  42. Chandra V.

    I’m a hairstylist so my arm and neck hurt all the time. This has helped a lot!

  43. Rosemarie C.

    This cream is amazing! It has really helped with my husband’s carpal tunnel pain. A friend of mine, who suffers from frequent migraines, tried some at the onset of the migraine and reported to me that it had actually stopped the progression. I’ve used it for inflammation on my knee and the pain was gone in 10 minutes and lasted for about 4 hours before I needed put on more. I used a very small amount the first time, the second time I used a little more and it lasted 6 hours. I will be reordering.

  44. Peter W.

    When my Back is really sore I am play this at bedtime and it helps me get a restful sleep.

  45. Sarah P.

    applying it during treatments and have added it to our daughters healthcare regime currently.

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