Calendula Salve – Handcrafted All-Natural


Contains: Love, pomace olive oil infused with organic calendula flowers, organic virgin coconut oil, hydrous lanolin, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, flowers of sulfur, beeswax, essential oils of lavender and tea tree, tuned to 432 Hz.

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A soothing and natural alternative to antibiotic topical ointments, Handcrafted, All-Natural Calendula Salve contains all organic and natural ingredients. Safe for babies, children, animals and adults alike.

What people are saying:

"My cracked and dry hands were healed overnight! They had red scratches that were even bleeding all over and felt like sandpaper from gardening hard all weekend. Today I can't even see where the cuts were. I will be ordering more soon when I'm almost out!"

"The (Calendula) healing salve is just unbelievable. Seriously. My baby had some hard scales of yellow on her scalp. I let them just be for a few days, then massaged in the salve while in the bath, left it 15 mins and shampooed just the hair. Next day, in the bath, soft bristle brush get the flakes out for 20 seconds, COMPLETELY healed and gone, no redness underneath, just completely healed. Boom. Thank you!!!!"

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2 reviews for Calendula Salve – Handcrafted All-Natural

  1. Erin

    Once again another amazing product that everyone should have on hand. This stuff is incredible for cuts, scrapes, ingrown hairs or anything that needs a salve. Will never be without this.

  2. Debra Y.

    Really great product!! I use it for cuts & burns…seems to be helping with those awful cracks that we get in our hands in the winter!! Thank you!!

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