Vodka Skin Healing Powder



112g – Handmade by Yummy Mummy Emporium & Apothecary

The following skin and pore detoxification and rejuvenation protocol, restores skin and pores back to a more youthful age. Billions of skin and pore “Micro Parasites” will be removed from the first treatment.

Contains love +

Food grade diatomaceous earth, MSM sulfur, non-alum baking soda, Himalayan crystal salt, activated charcoal, bentonite clay.


Coconut oil, cacao butter, ZEN topical magnesium spray,

1.75L Vodka in Glass

Instructions:Remove 2-3 ounces of vodka from the bottle. Add the powder using a funnel. Shake well & let dissolve. After a shower, take an old hand towel, shake the solution and pour some onto the towel, scrub it into skin in a circular motion, keep adding more to the towel as needed to finish the body. You can leave the solution on or rinse it off. Then spray magnesium over body (& fulvic acid if you have it). Moisturize with coconut oil & cacao butter mixed together, you can an also add essential oils or anything you need to enter the skin at this time.

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Hair Mites and other Parasites are mostly responsible for:

  • Baldness and Thinning of the Hair
  • Premature Skin and Wrinkles ( from de-mineralized skin )
  • Clogged Pores
  • Black Heads ( are on everyone )
  • Body Fat  – is a live creature and loves to thrive in a clogged and dry liquid body that feeds on sugar of any type
  • Smelly Arm Pits – and feces are a cause of being toxic and sick, and can be a part of the body being clogged.

Cleaning and detoxing the skin can rid the body of billions of parasites such as fungus, candida, yeast and mold on the skin and pores.

This information is from Dr. Robert Cassar's fabulous website. It is from him that I learned about proper cleaning and healing of the skin and have been using it and recommending it ever since with fantastic results. I have made an adapted recipe based on Dr. Cassar's idea to help you have a total package that is easy to use.

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  1. Dee B.

    I love the wrinkle cream and lanolin and the pain cream and eye drops. I got double everything because I give one to my daughter. My eyes are really improving and I’m hoping I never get glaucoma or cataracts!!

  2. Summer W

    I was really surprised how well I liked this product. I bought it because of I was fighting folliculitis and the cream the doctor gave me wasn’t doing anything. This scrub, and some cell salts, worked like a charm. It was gone within a week!
    This also makes my skin so incredible soft. I am crazy about this product and will keep using it!


      Wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for the review.

  3. Sherry D.

    Exceeds all expectations! I’ve tried other recipes for skin healing and never had results this impressive. I am on day 7 and I actually look forward to using this each day because the effect on my skin is beyond words. I didn’t even know my skin could get this soft! The white spots on my chest and arms (fungus I think) that I’ve been trying to heal for years are actually starting to heal! Also, I’ve had what I thought was an ingrown hair on the back of my thigh since I was pregnant over 11 years ago. I’ve had it looked at by several doctors (back when I thought going to the doctor was helpful) who all told me it was nothing, just a “weird” spot. Since using this product (and dmso) the “spot” has expelled hair! Three different times I was able to use tweezers and pull hair out! Finally! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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