UNDA Biotherapeutic Liver and Kidney Drainage Kit 1, 20, 243, Black currant


NOTICE: This order will include the individual bottles of the kit only – not the box as they no longer make this package.

Each collection of Genestra Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver & Kidney Support bottles contain UNDA Numbered Compound 1, UNDA Numbered Compound 20, UNDA Numbered Compound 243 and Phyto-gen: Black Currant Bud.

This is an essential product to ensure the kidneys and liver are properly draining before undergoing a detoxification regime. Detoxing without the emunctories properly draining toxins can lead to increased expressions of said toxins outward to the skin and can also negatively affect the lungs and heart. Detox with wisdom using biotherapeutic, homeopathic drainage.

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Biotherapeutic Drainage: Liver and Kidney Support by Unda

The human body is bombarded with toxins, resulting in an accumulation that can endanger overall health. While the body has the potential to naturally eliminate these toxins through its emunctories (liver, kidney, stomach, intestines, lungs and skin), the elimination efficiency can vary depending on the amount of toxic accumulations. Biotherapeutic Drainage works at an intracellular and extracellular level to help facilitate the emunctories to overcome toxic accumulations and rebalance the body's natural process of eliminating toxins.

Biotherapeutic Drainage is different from detox
Detoxification has the potential to “stress" the body, sometimes pushing it to the upper limits in order to remove toxins. Biotherapeutic Drainage works in a “gentle" manner on a cellular level - within the body's normal capacity to eliminate toxins.

  • Works “gently" without stressing the body
  • Deep-acting on a cellular level
  • Boosts energy levels

Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver & Kidney
Traditionally used to support/ protect the liver and kidneys - the body's detoxifying and waste filtration systems.

Package includes:

  • UNDA Numbered Compound 1
  • Liver, digestive, and kidney cleansing
  • UNDA Numbered Compound 20
  • Kidney anti-inflammatory
  • UNDA Numbered Compound 243
  • Liver pain relief and intestinal purging

GENESTRA BRANDS Phyto-gen: Black Currant Bud

Black Currant originated in the Himalayas and the plains of Nepal. Its berries are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids. It is considered as a universal drainer capable of cleansing the entire system.

Black Currant has a direct adreno-cortico stimulating action to promote an increase in cortisone-like actions without the iatrogenic consequences. The increase in cortisol helps the immune system in warding and fighting off colds and flu, repeated childhood rhinopharyngitis and respiratory allergies.

Primarily, the adreno-stimulant actions have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties that act on the mucosal membranes of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts.

Package includes:

  • UNDA Numbered Compound 1 = Liver, digestive, and kidney cleansing
  • UNDA Numbered Compound 20 = Kidney anti-inflammatory
  • UNDA Numbered Compound 243 = Liver pain relief and intestinal purging


  • GENESTRA BRANDS Phyto-gen: Black Currant Bud

Hepaprotective properties. Adrenal stimulator.
Formula:For Unda products: Adults and Children (over 12 years): From each bottle, take 5 drops three times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Unda 1 Formula:

    • Millefolium (Yarrow).......4 X
    • Uva ursi (Bearberry).......4 X
    • Valeriana officinalis (Valerian).......4 X
    • Angelica archangelica (European angelica).......4 X
    • Equiestum arvense (Horsetail).......4 X
    • Lycopodium clavatum (Clubmoss).......4 X
    • Terabinthina laricina (Balsam).......4 X
    • Argentum metallicum (Silver).......12 X

* Contains 25% alcohol (from beets)

Unda 20 Formula:

  • Calendula officinalis (Calendula).......4 X
  • Condurango marsdenia (Condurango).......4 X
  • Jacaranda caroba (Brazilian Caroba Tree).......4 X
  • Juniperus sabina (Savin).......4 X
  • Robinia pseudacacia (Yellow Locust).......4 X
  • Aluminum metallicum (Aluminum).......12 X
  • Argentum metallicum (Silver).......12 X
  • Arsenicum album (Metal Oxide).......12 X
  • Aurum metallicum (Metallic Gold).......12* Contains 25% alcohol (from beets)

Unda 243 Formula:

  • Combretum raimbaultii (Kinkeliba).......4 X
  • Lycopodium clavatum (Club Moss).......4 X
  • Peumus boldus (Boldo).......4 X
  • Podophyllum peltatum (May Apple).......4 X
  • Cholesterinum (Cholesterol).......12 X* Contains 25% alcohol (from beets)

​Black Currant Bud (Ribes nigrum) Phytogen Liquid
Serving Size: 10 drops
Active Ingredients: Black Currant (Ribes nigrum) Bud Extract (1:20) . . . . . . 0 .028 ml, 1.4 mg Dried Equivalent
Inactive Ingredients: Purified water, ethanol (grain), glycerin.

Recommended Dosage: Adults and children (over 12 years): Take 10 drops once daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Risk information: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use, unless directed by your healthcare practitioner . If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your healthcare practitioner.

​This detox runs for 3 weeks.

Start with 5 drops 3 times a day for a few days. If you exhibit detox symptoms like fatigue or a headache then back off a few drops for a few days, drink more water and resume to the 5. Then start to work up to 10 drops in the same way. Some people are more or less sensitive. Some don't feel the detox much or at all. 10 drops 3 times a day is your goal. All can be taken in the same glass of water. Make sure to use pure water, distilled or reverse osmosis. If you can't obtain those, spring water is your next best option. They also can be taken "neat" (without dilution) directly into the mouth, but that is not the ideal method of administering.

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