Pekana TOXEX Spagyric Drops – Detox


For heavy metal detoxification. 

According to Dr Reckeweg, “The term illness and intoxification are identical” because all toxins destroy enzyme and cellular activity. 

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For excretion of all endogenic and exogenic toxins, including heavy metals

Name: TOX(ic)= poison, EX= out of, to get rid of

TOXEX drops are indispensable for excretion of all endogenic and exogenic toxins that can lead to development of acute and chronic illnesses. 

Regular use of TOXEX drops helps eliminate toxins produced by alcohol, allopathic drugs, septic conditions of the blood, foci, metabolic waste products and heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury found in amalgam fillings.

In addition, TOXEX drops have antibacterial properties that make this remedy ideal for treatment of acute infections of the organs and mucous membranes, including bronchitis, angina and tonsillitis. It also stimulates the mucous membranes, the lymphatic system and metabolism, and is useful in treating precancerous conditions. This medication also is beneficial for chronic bacterial infections because it aids the excretion of toxins that have been deposited over the years in the connective tissues. 

Please Note: To help with detoxification, please drink plenty of fluids and take vitamins and trace elements, including magnesium, zinc and selenium.


Adults - 15 20 drops - 3 times per day directly or in liquid

School Children - 7 10 drops - 3 times per day

Small Children - 5 drops - 3 times per day

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  1. Debra Y.

    Great product!! I will definitely be reordering this to help clean up any toxins that we are dealing with!! I swear by these Pekana products!!

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