Strauss Kidney and Blood Pressure Drops 225 mL


The ingredients in this formula are a great aid for the kidneys, which play a major role in removing wastes from our blood and in keeping blood pressure at a healthy level. For those on the Strauss Heart Drops, wait 30-60 days before adding the Kidney & Blood Pressure Drops.

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Suggested Use: Shake well. (Adults) Place 2 mL of Strauss Kidney and Blood Pressure Drops 3 x daily or 3 mL 2 x daily under the tongue, hold 1 minute, and then swallow. Do not exceed 6 mL per day. Drink plenty of water daily.

Contains: Garlic bulb, juniper fruit, golden rod aerial, uva ursi leaf, marshmallow root, hawthorn fruit, ginger root, parsley aerial, gravel root, horsetail aerial, European mistletoe aerial, nettle leaf, goldenseal root, lobelia inflata, motherwort aerial, cayenne fruit, hawthorn leaf & flower, bilberry leaf & flower, white willow bark.

Non-medicinal Ingredients: water, ethanol.

Warning: Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or within 24 hours of surgery. Due to known blood thinning, hypotensive and cholesterol-lowering actions of the medicinal ingredients, regular consumption of this product may require dosage adjustment/lowering of your prescription for blood thinners, cholesterol-lowering, blood pressure and/or anti-hypertensive medications.

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