Strauss CardioCalm Drops 225ml


CardioCalm Drops™

  • take with Heartdrops for ultimate heart health
  • strengthen and rebuild fast with safe but high doses of Hawthorn
  • calming and stabilizing herbal blend
  • take it now but not forever, just until you’re better

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There are several types of irregular rhythms known as arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat – including Bradycardia (less than 60 beats/min), Tachycardia (greater than 100 beats/min), and Atrial Fibrillation (characterized by a disorganized, irregular heartbeat) – that can lead to a number of symptoms:

  • Palpitations: Feels like skipped heartbeats, fluttering, “flip-flops” or racing heart
  • Pounding in the chest
  • Dizziness or feeling lightheaded
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest discomfort
  • Weakness or fatigue (feeling very tired)
  • Silent arrhythmia can also occur without symptoms
  • Sudden death

Arrhythmias can have a number of causes:

  • Heart failure
  • Coronary artery disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Changes in the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
  • Electrolyte (e.g. sodium or potassium) imbalances in the blood
  • Shock, fright or stress
  • Dietary intake of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, inhaled aerosols, diet pills, etc
  • Pharmaceuticals, including cold remedies

So how can CardioCalm Drops™ help?

CardioCalm™ contains the most Hawthorn extract of any licensed formula available in Canada. This extremely safe but powerful
herb has been used successfully to clinically treat arrhythmia and heart failure1,2. It helps to strengthen heart muscle contraction while simultaneously calming a rapid heart rate. A stressed or weak heart has trouble keeping time. CardioCalm™ also contains cardio-active and tonic herbs like Skullcap that helps to support a weakened heart3, European Mistletoe that is traditionally used for nervous tachycardia4,5 and Indian Sarsaparilla which has a cardio protective influence and helps relieve stress6,7.

Medicinal Ingredients (per ml): Viscum album (European mistletoe leaf) 31.8 mg, Crateagus laevigata (hawthorn fruit) 317.7 mg, Crateagus laevigata (hawthorn leaf & flower) 31.8 mg, Scutellaria lateriflora (Skullcap aeria) 43.1 mg, Capsicum annuum (cayenne fruit) 2.0 mg, Hemidesmus indicus (Indian sarsaparilla root) 38.6mg, Mentha x piperita (peppermint leaf) 35.2 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: water, ethanol, glycerine, spearmint flavouring

References: 1) Upton R, Petrone C. (eds.) Hawthorn Berry. Santa Cruz, CA: American Herbal Pharmacopoeia; 1999. 2) Degenring FH, Suter A, Weber M, Saller R. A randomised double blind placebo controlled clinical trial of a standardised extract of fresh Crataegus berries (Crataegisan) in the treatment of patients with congestive heart failure NYHA II. Phytomed. 2003; 10(5): 363-369. 3) Huang Y, Tsang SY, Yao X, Chen ZY. Biological properties of baicalein in cardiovascular system. Curr. Drug Targets Cardiovasc. Haematol. Disord. 2005; 5(2): 177-184. 4) Felter HW, Lloyd JU. King’s American Dispensary. Cincinnati, OH:Ohio Valley Co.; 1898 5) British Herbal Medicine Association. A Guide to Traditional Herbal Medicines. A Sourcebook of Accepted Traditional Uses of Medicinal Plants Within Europe, 2003 Edition. Bournemouth, UK: BHMA Publishing; 2003. 6) Zarei M, Javarappa KK, Zarei M, Baker S. Cardioprotective effect of the root extract of Hemidesmus indicus against doxorubicin-induced oxidative stress in mice. Pharm. Lett. 2013; 5(1): 334-339. 7) Venkateshan S, Subramaniyan V, Chinnasamy V, Chandiran S. Anti-oxidant and anti-hyperlipidemic activity of Hemidesmus indicus in rats fed with high-fat diet. Avicenna J. Phytomed. 2016; 6(5): 516-525.

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