Pekana OPSONAT Spagyric Drops – Chronic Infection


Focal infection and/or toxicity

Inflammation and irritation of mucus and serous membranes, including GI tract, respiratory tract, and synovial membranes.

50 mL

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Indispensable support for help support severe acute infections and chronic illnesses, this homeopathic medication helps eliminate clinically-manifested or latent infections — including focal infections — that play a key role in the development of pathogenic conditions.

It also supports inflammatory conditions of the inner mucosa, tissues and organs, detoxifies the joints and restores the mucous membranes to proper working order. 

In addition, OPSONAT drops help clear the terrain of toxic wastes and stimulate the body’s own systemic regulation. May be indicated for support of severe cases.

OPSONAT drops promote healing of focal infections in various organs and stimulate, regulate and clean the blood. This medication also enhances the immune system's ability to eliminate pathogens, including those found in therapy-resistant mycotic infections. 

Once the terrain is cleared of toxic wastes, OPSONAT drops stimulate the body's own systemic regulation, making true healing possible.


Adults - 15–20 drops - 3 times per day directly or in liquid

School Children - 7–10 drops - 3 times per day

Small Children - 5 drops - 3 times per day

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  1. Debra Y.

    Love this product!! I use it to help keep by blood cleaned & it really helps my immune system! I have been diagnosed with Shingles & although I am skeptical about the diagnosis I am using Spageric remedies to help me boost my overall health!! So grateful for Amandha to help us to improve our health!!

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