Holistic Health Services


Detailed Protocols (email us to know which ones are currently available), Distance Angelic Reiki and Rife Machine Treatments.

Please contact us at support@yumnaturals.net before purchasing a protocol to find out which ones are currently available.


Holistic Health Services

  1. Detailed Protocols (email us to know which ones are currently available)
  2. Distance Angelic Reiki
  3. Rife Machine Treatment

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10 reviews for Holistic Health Services

  1. Lakey H.

    I am so thankful everyday that a friend of mine sent me to Amandha’s page! Her knowledge is amazing and we’re so lucky to have her available to those of us that truly want to put our health first. She’s a blessing to anyone that comes across her !

  2. Brittany H.

    I am so impressed with your care and attention to my case. I have been trying to heal naturally for over two years working with other natural health care professionals not getting anywhere. I started seeing results overnight implementing only some of what Amandha recommended for me. I am so forever grateful to have come across your YouTube channel. I would recommend you to every human on the planet. You have given me HOPE that I will CONQUER my health issues once and for all. THANK YOU AMANDHA.

  3. Angelina i.

    I am very happy with my first consult from Dr Yummy. I had all my questions answered clearly and intelligently. My session was recorded for future reference. The health questionnaire i filled out beforehand was extensive and refreshingly unlike anything i have seen from any doctor. It gave her an informed look at my current situation and medical history.
    I was able to develop a protocol for my peri-menopausal symptoms as well as for healing my teeth and gums. I am de-toxing slowly on the doctor’s protocols. My peri-menopausal symptoms of sleeplessness, itchiness, hot flashes, low energy, and restless limbs have mostly disappeared. My teeth and gums are less sensitive, not bleeding anymore, and my teeth feel smoother and cleaner.
    I have been using many of Dr Yummy’s own products, and am very satisfied. I recommend her services and products to anyone interested in holistic health care. I will be seeing her again when i need more guidance with my health. You will have more success and real improvements in your health thru Dr. Yummy’s guidance, than the conventional medical model. Watch her videos and get started. She is a rare gift. I am so grateful.

  4. Claudia R.

    Thank you for the fine services.

  5. Lana W.

    Amandha has been very helpful and responsive to questions, including written materials that I have been utilizing since she provided. Many thanks to her for not only the consult but her invaluable research and videos.

  6. Anthony I.

    Conversation, Compentcy, and Clearness in the consultation were terrific. Already ordered most of the recommended items, and from her, as she knows not some online or other place that can’t begin to help you. Again you are terrific and will setup another consult soon.

    Thank you,sincerely,

  7. Cynthia S.

    I give Amandha A five star rating because she is real. I really appreciate the consultations, as all doctors I have found so far do not seem to help me with my quest for good health And using the things God put on this earth for us to help to keep ourselves healthy. Her consultations are truthful, knowledgeable and I feel she is helping so many people including myself to stop poisoning themselves with chemicals and foreign substances.

  8. Cynthia S.

    From the moment my friend turned me on to Amandha’s videos about DMSO, I was intrigued! Finally I’ve found someone in line with my ideals on health and wellness. Wish I had the time to research all that she has! Since I don’t, and clearly I have other missions in life, I’m so grateful to have found her…just wish she was closer to Los Angeles Lol.
    I booked a 30 minute consultation with her and we were able to cover at least the tips of the iceberg on all 3 issues I needed to discuss with her. She is a wealth of Natural healing advice and she really knows her stuff! I also appreciate her affordable pricing! I was going to go to an integrative health center to try and find some things I needed and they want $750 just for the consult. The next one down is $450. I appreciate the fact that people need to charge for their services. I also appreciate much more that some don’t try to be wealthy off their patients and clients. I give Amandha ALL the stars that she can hold!

  9. Bonnie K.

    Amandha (Yummy Mummy) is one of my hero’s! I admire how she has studied for years, incorporated that knowledge (science) into producing her own products, shares informational (and seriously entertaining) YouTube’s with those who crave responsibility for their own health & then communicates one on one! I would recommend her & her fabulous services to everyone out there who is seeking the ‘truth’ in advancing their own health care issues.

  10. Laura G.

    Yes, Yes, and Yes! I regret not getting the other complete package for the full hour????!

    How awesome to have a practitioner that knows what’s really going on out there and with some humor. I love Amandha and the effort she puts into her healing practices.

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