Herbal Night Time Botanical Tisane Blend


Contains all organic ingredients & love: Chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, lemongrass, oat straw, fennel seed, passion flower, St. Johnswort, calendula, corn flower, rose petals, hops, valerian root.

Uses: Calming, restorative, sleep support, relaxant, vitamin and mineral rich.

Valerian root is very supportive of the nervous system but should not be used in people who have liver disease because in these individuals it is stimulating rather than relaxing.

You may reuse the same herbs many times. To make a strong decoction, simmer 1 tbsp of herbs in 2-3 cups of pure water with a lid for 20-30 minutes, strain then serve with raw honey or pure maple syrup. Best taken before bed if being used for sleeping. Try Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Topical Magnesium as well, that helps with the nervous system and a restful sleep.


*Please note: Contents are measured by weight and will not necessarily fill the bag.

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  1. Karen S.

    I have had sleep issues for years, now I have the tea at night and it puts me in a restful sleep

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