“Face Lift in a Jar” Face Cream™ – All Natural with DMSO


All natural, rich, moisturizing, face lotion that is like having a face lift in a jar! Expect maximum skin happiness! Read the reviews!!! Life altering!

With organic and all natural: prickly pear butter, cacao butter, sustainable palm butter, aloe vera, DMSO, sesame oil, rosehip oil, amaranth oil or wheatgerm oil, flax seed oil, vitamin E, CoQ10, emulsifying wax, rose or neroli or vanilla flower water, frankincense & lavender essential oil or orange, neroli and bergamot essential oils (we have called this neroli). VEGAN.

Original scent: Lovely Frankincense and Lavender

Neroli scent: Hints of orange with bergamot, a light scent.



For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions. 


A little goes a long way.

Always make sure not to apply any toxic makeup on your face before or right after you have used this! If you are unsure what's in your make up, please just use the product at night, after cleansing your skin. TINGLING IS NORMAL!

I am very proud of this formulation. I have mastered the emulsification of this sacred and most popular cream... I tuned everything to 432 Hz as well with a tuning fork. Feel blessed as you heal with this one of a kind, luxurious skin cream!

Lasts 12 months, store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry cupboard.

Additional information

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30 ml (1 oz), 50 ml (1.69 oz), 113 ml (4 oz)


Original, Neroli

96 reviews for “Face Lift in a Jar” Face Cream™ – All Natural with DMSO

  1. June P.

    Absolutley amazing! I live in a harsh, dry desert climate that wreaks havoc on the skin. I am in my 50’s and have used so many high-end face creams over the years, and nothing compares to this one. I notice a difference on my entire face, including my forehead and upper lip area. My skin is much smoother and feels more plumped. I noticed a difference in less than a week of nightly use. The cream also smells beautiful. I won’t ever be without it!

  2. kimberly n.

    One of my favorite products from Amanda so far because my face is so soft after using it.

  3. Brittany H.

    This stuff is amazing. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my skin is noticeably more toned and glowing. I have the original scent and it is just lovely. This cream goes on so nice and is not greasy in the slightest. My mother in law always tells me I’m going to wrinkle my face if I frown or raise my eyebrows… she now has a jar coming to her house so she can stop worrying. Thank you Amandha for your amazing products!

  4. Jennifer R.

    This is a fantastic product. Amanda is so talented! Prices are super fair. I will look forward to purchasing from her again.

  5. PJ Z.

    I love your cream. It’s great. I have been making something similar for many years and it’s nice to take a break from preparing it regularly. Your formulation is very effective. Thank you!

  6. Maureen M.

    Hi again, I love this face cream and will be ordering another couple of jars (1 for a friend). Its so light and not greasy! I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks but can see a difference in my face already, looking much fresher!


  7. Ivon G.

    Really lovingn the cream
    I’ve noticed, smother skin, with a pleasant glow. Works well for me as I don’t wear makeup

    Thank you

  8. Michelle V.

    My favourite skin care product ever. From the texture and smell to the face that my face is deeply moisturized but isn’t left feeling heavy. It keeps my skin clear, healthy and glowing. I recommend this product to everyone.

  9. Jody H.

    Face lift in a jar is amazing !!! My pores are shrinking , skin softer and soft glow I’m loving thos stuff !!!

  10. Lisa W.

    I absolutely love this face cream! It feels silky smooth going on and has a pleasant smell, my skin already looks healthier with an even tone and somehow brighter complexion. I will purchase again and again, and again. Thank you YummyMummy!

  11. Cindy C.

    I’m loving this product from the first use!

  12. JILL S.

    My skin feels velvety smooth.

  13. Marsha S

    love the way it makes my skin feel

  14. Lucy H

    After using the Face Lift in a Jar for just two weeks I can already notice a difference. A little goes a long way !

  15. Jean Z.

    Love it .. it’s great for scars and healing

  16. Shauena T.

    I LOVE this cream! It is moisturizing but not greasy, soaks right in with a tingle from the DMSO that feels exhilarating! Thank you Ahmanda for making a clean and natural product with a light scent of lavender, that I can trust and in time will see the benefits of a prettier, healthier complexion! I will be back for more!

  17. Dee B.

    Your products are amazing! I laugh at store products with big names Big prices and big promises! Your products are clean straightforward and they work… They actually do what they say they will do and I will never run out of them I always have an extra jar in the refrigerator and I keep my daughter well supplied as well!!! You’re as awesome as your products!!!!

    Dee Belsterling

  18. Christine P

    A luxurious feeling cream that really nurtures and moisturizes the skin. I have rosacea and acne issues, and this cream brings me moisture without triggering any negative responses, plus I think it is definitely making the lines less noticeable.

  19. Ann L.

    Absolutely love this cream. I’m doing a few bits and pieces along side using it and my skin is looking better than it’s done in years.

  20. Rose M.

    I absolutely love Facelift in a Jar! My skin seriously feels like silk, the fine smile lines around my eyes are going away and the sun damage spots on my cheekbones are fading! My next order will be for the larger jar! Yummy Mummy thank you for all you do! ❤

  21. Salma S.

    I love this cream and all Dr yummy’s product .

  22. Genie L.

    I love this product, “ face life in a jar”. My skin has greatly improved since using.

  23. Susan T.

    This is my 2nd time ordering face lift in a jar ! I did try something different in between but quickly realized nothing compares . I love the fact that I am not putting any chemicals on my face and getting amazing results . Thank you !!

  24. Jean Z.

    It really helps with the scars
    I had shingles left scars this has made a big difference
    Brilliant Amandha!
    Please open a place in the states !!!

  25. Diane L.

    J’aime beaucoup …. Merci!

  26. Tonya D.

    I don’t know if my face looks lifted, but my skin certainly looks brighter and better. A little bit of this goes a long way. Much better day cream than the one I have been buying at the local health store. Very happy with this cream.

  27. Christine Z.

    Could be the way it feels that I believe I “know” it’s working or the compliments I get or the fact that I’m into my fourth jar, but I would say that this is a most positive experience!

    Thanks, Amandha for all you are and do!

    Long may you shine on…

    Hugs from Denver

  28. Teresa F.

    I love this product! I had run out and was thrilled when it arrived. In the few days prior to it arriving my face did not have the same glow or tightness that I notice when I am using Face Lift in a Jar. My skin feels softer, smoother and has a healthier glow once again.

  29. Ivon G.

    Absolutely love Face Lift in a Jar
    My moms face is smooth with a beautiful glow
    I can see a huge difference

  30. Robert N.

    Second time ordering. It’s light and smooth. Love the scent.

  31. Jennifer T.

    This is my 2nd jar, I just love this product. High quality for a reasonable cost,( even with the exchange rate conversation to AUD) A beautiful cream. x

  32. Robert N.

    Good stuff. Already went through the first bit, and have reordered another batch. Thank you.

  33. Alea R.

    I’ve been using this face cream for about 6 weeks now and am noticing subtle changes. I love the cream and the fact that it contains DMSO and will order again. Thank you!

  34. Miriam L.

    I don’t know how you do it!! I have collected 71 birthdays in my lifetime. Most people think that I am closer to 50 than 71. I recently started using “Face Lift in a Jar” face cream–June, 2019–and I noticed veritable improvement right away–July, 2019. The smile lines around my eyes are shallower and they snap back into my surrounding skin when the smile is over. My skin glows, looks very moist and overall looks “tighter”. I love what it’s doing! Every other product I’ve used tried to work on the collagen but I think this one works on several levels at once: cleansing not only the skin but the blood; closing pores and moisturizing; it accelerates the growth of collagen AND ELASTIN. No other products I have used have ever addressed Elastin–but it’s this that gives that “snap back” quality to the skin. This stuff is meaningful. It’s a very serious product, one that I plan on using as long as i can get my hands on it. It’s powerful, effective and has me looking really good. Indeed, I got carded yesterday when I said I was a senior looking for my discount. The clerk was in her 30’s…that’s freaking awesome!

  35. Elena A.

    This cream is amazing. Gets rid of some wrinkles and clears the skin. Love it!! Thank you!!

  36. Sue

    Love the ingredients – softens my skin and prevents wrinkles! Love the smell!

  37. chaftar w.

    I love this cream, very hydrating and let you with a very soft skin. My advice would to use it during day time since it’s too rich to use it as a night cream.
    I use it as well for my breast and works wonder.

  38. Marty S.

    Wow, the skin pulls tight almost immediately and it feels good!

  39. Celeste D.

    I really love this product. I’m 65 years old and I love the way this product tightens my skin.
    Thank you yummymummy!!!

  40. Amy K.

    I have only used this cream a few times so far but I really do think it has made my skin look better.

  41. Nicole G.

    I absolutely LOVE this product. I use it everyday. My skin has never looked as good as it does now. I also use it on my little girl. She has some OCD/Anxiety that causes her to pick her face. It healed her face so quickly..

  42. Jean Z.

    Been using a short time but noticed a difference especially
    Fine lines .. a little goes a long way.. definitely a keeper!

  43. Summer W.

    This is a fantastic product. I think it is the best skin care cream I have ever tried. My skin is noticeably softer, smoother, and incredibly hydrated. My fine lines are also fading. The essential oils smell nice and cover any trace of DMSO. I will definitely purchase this product again.

  44. Cristelle L.

    love it! pores tighter and skin has a nice glow

  45. Andie P.

    Absolutely LOVE this cream! Keeps skin perfectly moisturized and balanced. My skin is generally dry and in the winter, psoriasis and eczema are an issue. I’ve been using this in conjunction with Yummy Mummy’s Cleopatra’s Secret Bee-auty Anti-Aging Balm and the combo has cleared it up completely! Absolutely amazing.

  46. Pamela S.

    Another excellent product!! My face is smooth, moist and lines seem to be fading. 😍

  47. Chris S.

    Love the cream. It is just right for my skin type and because it is all natural I feel like I am doing something good for my skin.

  48. Nicky G.

    I use this every night. Love the smell and the feel.

  49. tracey L.

    I have no idea how the major brands charge what they charge for the face cream they sell that does nothing but age the face! I can feel a tightening in my forehead immediately with face lift in a jar. My skin seems glowy now

  50. Nancy M.

    Lovely texture and mixes beautifully. Is it possible that it can help with indented acne scars?

  51. Lynn M.


  52. Christine Z.

    Hi, Amandha –

    I’ve been testing this for about 3 weeks now and I do believe that it’s working! — I’d like to share more after 2 months, but I can say that I like how it feels.
    It has a pleasant aroma and goes on smoothly. With the slight tingling, and toning feeling, I can tell that it’s “working”.
    I’ve used it on my husband as well and he was impressed after just one application – Thanks for all you are and do!

  53. Ruth S.

    Third time purchasing this product. It’s awesome!

  54. Monica B.

    This is Awesome I Love it, well worth the money.Better than anything on the market and I have bought them all, but now..I have found the best cream ever. Thank You Amandha.

  55. Arnold V.

    Wow enough said

  56. Faye V.

    I love the new formulation!

  57. Nicky G.

    I really like the feel and smell of this product. As a former (40 year) smoker I have pronounced wrinkles on my face and mouth. This seems to mitigate them. Only been using it for a week but am very pleased so far.

  58. Eugenia Lloyd

    It’s a wonderful product ! I’ve been using it only 2 1/2 weeks now. I feel a tingling minutes after applying , and my face appears tighter. I love it !

  59. katarina a.

    Really happy with this cream!
    Not only because of the natural ingredients, also what it has done to my skin in a few weeks. I will order more for sure .

  60. Debra T.

    I am 60 & have super dry skin that still breaks out. Finding a moisturizer that works on the dryness but doesn’t aggravate breakouts is not easy. This is the only one that actually works on both issues. My skin is clearer, moisturized & less blotchy. My makeup goes on much smoother & I don’t need to use as much. Bonus benefit, has also helped my dry, cracked cuticles. Will definitely order more!

  61. Melanie C.

    My skin loves this product! It feels so moisturized, smooth, and gives me a youthful glow! The ingredients are top notch, even more effective when combined, and DMSO is amazing. I’ll be buying more in the future when I run out! Thank you, Amandha, for creating these awesome products!!!

  62. Dianne B.

    I use this as an overnight cream and I am very pleased with the results experienced in a very short time. Skin feels tighter and hydrated.

  63. Sherry D.

    LOVE this product! My skin is so soft and each day it continues to improve. Thank you!

  64. Liz M.

    I love Face Lift in a Jar. It smells great and it makes my skin feel great.

  65. Ruth S.

    As a former esthetician, I can say with confidence it is the most healing and skin renewing product I have ever used!

  66. Tatiana S.

    beautiful texture, beautiful fragrance, very healing and very economical. Will order more when finish. thank you making it.

  67. Carol van Heerden

    Love this! skin feels plumped up and fully nourished by this cream. face has not felt so smooth and soft for a long !

  68. Freda N.

    I love this product it is so nourishing and keeps my skin looking hydrated. Only been using it for couple weeks and love the way it feels and how great my skin looks. Thanks so much

  69. Bernice F.

    What a fantastic product for the face and neck. It is rich and you need very little to support the skin and create a dewy effect. I don’t use it all over as I still have a few mercury fillings and I avoid my jaw. Still where I’m able to use it, I’m very pleased.

  70. Elena A.

    I’ve been using the cream for 2 weeks and love how my skin looks like.

  71. Jannina h.

    Been using this forc2 weeks.

  72. Lacy K.

    Omg, can’t say enough good things about this! I have very sensitive skin and this has actually helped clear up my skin and moisturize tremendously. Never stop making this stuff! ????????????????

  73. Amanda M.

    This is my second time purchasing facelift in a jar. I let my mom try my first jar and she never gave it back she loved it so much! I really love this product. I can see and feel a difference on my skin. Additionally, I wanted to note that my daughter got a little sunburn on her cheeks a few weeks ago. I put some of this on her face and it really helped heal her skin quickly! I love that this is a natural product. Thank you so much for making this and all your other amazing creations Amandha!

  74. Tracy B.

    OMG this product is beyond amazing! I’m an o-natural kinda gal and have never really use much in the way of face creams, but this one is appropriately named! Thumbs up from me.

  75. Rina K.

    I love this cream.
    This is the fourth time I order it.
    It keeps the moisture of my skin and my face feels great.

  76. Krista P.

    Been using for a couple weeks and it’s made a big difference in my skin and has also helped to clear up cystic acne. I love it

  77. Chandra V.

    I noticed a difference in 2 weeks. Highly recommended ♥️♥️

  78. Sarah

    So far so good! I am really enjoying how soft and supple my skin feels with the “Face Lift in a Jar”! It is very interesting the way it goes on like a face cream, but wait about 5-10 minutes and my skin feels like baby skin!
    Thank you for making this formula! I will reorder for sure!

  79. Mary p.

    Smells great, texture very nice as well. I have used it twice and so far so good. No allergic reaction to DMSO. Thank you and I will order more soon.

  80. Susan G.

    I enjoy using DMSO facelift in a jar. Right after putting it on it makes my face feel all tingly,refreshed and tightened. Thank you for your invention. Susan Gourde’

  81. Cynthia B.

    My face feels incredibly smooth after using this product. I have also noticed that my skin looks younger. I’m 57, and I wanted something that would remove superficial lines that were forming all over my face and neck. When I apply it, I can almost hear my face sigh as the product sinks into the pores, giving my thirsty skin a healthy dose of herbs that soothe and moisturize. Thank you for making this amazing product!

  82. Judy Saunders

    Love this product use it every morning
    And night mixed with my other creams .
    Really hydrating . When wake up skin is still
    Hydrated . When did 3 hr flight still hydrated .
    Really nice thanks ????

  83. Lou Ann G.

    My most favorite, favorite face cream ever! I use this every night after I remove all makeup or lotions from my face and neck; then apply Face-Lift-In a Jar. It makes my face and neck so soft and smooth; let alone all of the healing benefits! So love this!

  84. Laura O.

    Love this product which I use daily on my face, neck and chest. My skin feels well hydrated and my skin tone more even.

  85. Sherri

    I love this face cream! This is my intro to using a DSMO product and I have to say I immediately saw and felt a difference. It feels very healing and nourishing.

  86. Amanda M.

    It took about 3-4 weeks for my order to come to the United States from Canada. I have mostly been using it at night like I heard Amandha say in one of her online videos. The scent is a little different than I expected but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. I really like the texture and the way it feels on my skin. I’ve been using it about 4-5x per week for the last 2 weeks. I need to work on improving my own skincare routine but so far I am pretty happy with the results. I can definitely tell that my skin is more hydrated long term. Most other products I have used instantly hydrate but then quickly wear off. This really lasts. I really like this product and I will definitely be ordering it again!

  87. JOYCE S

    OMG. It’s wonderful. My face feels n looks so much better in just a month. Love.

  88. Lou Ann G.

    This is my absolute favorite face cream…I use it more than once a day because it feels so good but apply nightly for sure! You can actually see the softness happening!

  89. Steve H.

    Great cream. I bought this to help with a skin problem around my eyes. All appears healed now. Thank you. The jar has now disappeared into my wife’s handbag.

  90. Jacqueline F.

    I’m very happy with Face Liftnin a jar. I can’t believe how much tighter my skin is! Great product!

  91. Claritza R.

    I love this product
    Also my siters who are overseas are having great results with it.

  92. Sue W.

    This face cream makes my skin feel soft and firm and is as good if not better than other creams I have used. It smells lovely and for a hand made natural product is a very good price. I will definitely be reordering as I like the fact it contains only safe natural ingredients.

  93. Loretta W.

    Fabulous cream that gets right in and goes to work. Beautiful scent. Amanda has done a great job with this product!

  94. Rina K.

    I love this cream.
    My face feels very soft and hidrates.
    I am planing to order it again and again.

  95. Melanie B.

    So far amazing, saw results the first time I used it last night and wore no makeup today. Skin stayed even toned so that was great. Looking forward to more results as time goes on. It definetly tingles a bit. Smells wonderful! ????????????????

  96. Claritza P.

    Just what I expected
    Product arrived within a few days. I am happy with this product I would recommend it.

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