Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Natural Magnesium


So excited to announce my brand new Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Natural Magnesium! I love the use of topical magnesium for maximum effectiveness and most people are deficient! Magnesium is a master mineral responsible for over 900 enzymatic reactions and is critical for liver detox and hormonal balance as well as a good night’s sleep. Very helpful on sore muscles, for growing pains and to support bone density.

I am thrilled to be able to create a high quality, transdermal magnesium chloride from Japanese nagari salt blended with distilled water and a hint of aloe vera to reduce any skin discomfort. FYI, any itch after application generally indicates deficiency and after continuous use will not return.

Creativity, invention, natural health… it’s all in a days work.

2 oz (Travel size) / 8 oz (Large size)


Great for children, pets and adults alike. Spray onto skin (10-30 sprays) and rub in or into hands and apply. Spray over chest, abdomen, legs, feet... Avoid open skin (will sting).

Additional information

Weight 0.319 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 20 cm

2 oz, 8 oz

11 reviews for Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Natural Magnesium

  1. Lori C.

    This has become an absolute staple in my home. We all need magnesium.

  2. June P.

    This is the best magnesium I have ever used. I feel a difference in my body. I’m sleeping more soundly and overall am feeling much more relaxed. I will buy this again, and I highly recommend it.

  3. kimberly n.

    I love this magnesium and I am using it twice daily to help my magnesium deficiency. So nice to use topically rather than taking a pill, and it is quite relaxing to use in the evenings.

  4. Marsha S.

    I like how easy it is to apply and getting magnesium in my body at the same time.

  5. Lori C.

    This stuff is amazing. I use it at night on the bottom on my feet as well as on my abdomen and I sleep very well throughout the nice. Will be buying again and again!

  6. Kathryn B.

    I love this magnesium spray!
    It has helped with my leg cramps and I’m using with NatPro too! Thank you for making this product!

  7. terry c.

    The perfect light spray from the bottle. Treatment through the skin is really my preferred way to consume needed minerals as well as cell salts, etc.

  8. Elena A.

    In conjunction with the progesterone cream helps me sleep without interruption. Thank you!

  9. Salma S.

    I love this product for it’s purity and helps my liver to detox

  10. monica v.

    I really like this product. Is better than the one I used to purchase

  11. chaftar w.

    It’s a wonderful product, there is a burning sensation on the skin in the beginning, but it is also the sign that you are magnesium deficient so just bear it and then you’ll see that this will disappear after a few days of use. Otherwise it’s super efficient 🙂 Thank you for this great product

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