Cedar Stone Coconut Oil Mechanics Artisan Soap with 20% Superfat


Limited edition, artisan soap designed to look like stone, made by Doctor Yummy herself.  With activated charcoal and pure essential oils of cedarwood, dalmatian sage, marjoram, rosemary, spruce, clove, and patchouli, this soap contains saponified oils of 100% pure coconut! Coconut oil is not really “drying”—it’s just super cleansing. It cleans your skin so well that it strips the oils off of your skin, making it feel dry. Having 20 percent extra oil in the soap mitigates the “drying” effect, resulting in a bar that’s really mild. Store on a properly draining soap dish for maximum longevity.



2 sizes to choose from. ALL NATURAL! For mechanics, painters, gardeners, people who get their hands good and dirty! For tough grime! I wish it worked on politicians. This bar of cold processed soap has a hardness factor of 79 and is a deeply bubbly and cleansing bar of soap.

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