Black Tourmaline Orgone Generator Pyramid – EMF Protection


This beautiful orgone (orgonite) pyramid with a lapis lazuli base and a clear quartz point wrapped in a clockwise Tesla coil also has a secondary Tesla coil on one side. With gold fleck and copper, this orgonite piece is both functional and beautiful.

Approx. 7 cm width x 7 cm depth x 5.5 cm height

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If there is negative energy in the proximity of an orgone (orgonite) device, the organic component (polyester resin) of the device attracts this energy which is further transformed into positive etheric energy and ‘shot’ out of the device in all directions by the inorganic component of the device (metal shavings). In other words, the energy leaving the device has a much higher vital quality and frequency than upon entering the orgonite.

For further amplification of the energy transformation effect, a clear quartz crystal is added into the matrix. As the freshly cast orgonite hardens, the polyester resin shrinks and squeezes the quartz crystal permanently. That way, the piezoelectric effect is produced, polarizing the crystal and therefore amplifying the orgonite’s role as a positive energy transmitter.

Its function is not based on setting an intention (even though that can be helpful when connecting to its energy), in other words, orgonites work the same way whether you believe in their potency or not.

An orgonite device, if made correctly, doesn’t have to be cleansed or charged on a regular basis. The energies entering it and leaving it are supposed to balance each other out, making the orgonite gather neither positive nor negative energy. However, according to various users, there are multiple methods of optimizing an orgonite’s performance, for example by washing it briefly in lukewarm water once in a while, charging it in sunlight/moonlight, storing it together with other orgonites or creating energy grids made of orgonites and crystals. All these methods are rather experimental and some common sense in combination with intuition can be a great tool in this orgonite jungle.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5.5 cm


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