Pekana Apo-Hepat – Liver Support


Apo-Hepat – Detox for the liver, gallbladder & pancreas to support good digestion – also helps increase kidney and gallbladder secretion, stimulate circulation and improve the lymphatic system

Useful part of a detoxification protocol in initial stages of case management while dietary lifestyle is being improved.

Liver phase 1 enzyme inhibition due to a diet excessive in calories and junk fat.

Liver stasis due to inactivity or aging.

The primary remedy for stimulating and regulating vital metabolic liver functions, which include the indispensable duties of excretion, detoxification and phagocytosis.

This homeopathic remedy also helps regulate gallbladder and pancreatic function.

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For very toxic conditions in patients with excess constitution, ¼ to ½ teaspoon taken 2 or 3 times per day.

For more sensitive patients or those with toxic liver heat including viral load such as hepatitis, must use much smaller doses such as 2 to 10 drops per dose.

Recommended Dosage (away from meals)
(30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals)

Adults - 15 20 drops - 3 times per day directly or in liquid

School Children - 7 10 drops - 3 times per day

Small Children - 5 drops - 3 times per day
Place drops under tongue for 1 minute

Traditionally these homeopathic remedies are indicated for:

Chioanthus virginica - 2X - dysfermentation of the liver

Iberis amara - 6X - heart irregularities

Lycopodium clavatum - 4X - eliminates metabolic waste

Mandragora e rad. sicc. - 4X - spastic constipation

Phosphorus - 10X - acute liver dysfunction, ulcers

Boldo - 1X - gallbladder stimulant

Cynara scolymus - 1X - dyspepsia, hepatogenic gastritis

Taraxacum - 1X - cleans renal and liver system

Chioanthus virginica 2X resolves upper stomach ailments, vegetative dystonia (autonomic nervous system dysfunction) and dysfermentation of the liver and pancreas. In addition, this herb eliminates colic (painful spasms) and has a systemic effect that helps prevent migraines. It also addresses rheumatic processes and inflammation in the hepatic area.

Iberis amara 6X benefits the heart muscle and coronary vessels, and improves peripheral circulation. It eliminates gastro-hepatic disruptions with symptoms that include intestinal pain and cramps.

Lycopodium clavatum 4X helps eliminate metabolic waste products and stimulates the excretion of excess cholesterin. Without proper excretion of waste products, patients can develop symptoms that include a strong desire to consume excessive amounts of sweets. This craving, often accompanied by mood swings, irritability and depression, points to psychosomatic processes in which the body attempts to compensate by feeding the intestines sugar. Lycopodium clavatum eliminates both the physical and psychological basis for this craving.

Mandragora e rad. sicc. 4X addresses digestive upset, disruption of proper stomach and liver function and pancreatic weakness accompanied by strong flatulence (in the case of spastic constipation).

Phosphorus 10X helps treat diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract, ranging from bleeding ulcers (Ulcera ventriculi, Ulcera duodeni) to acute liver dysfunction with accompanying spasms. Depression and other psychosomatic symptoms, as well as painful headaches, are also addressed. In addition, Phosphorus can effectively heal infections found throughout the body, including the eyes, respiratory tract, heart and intestinal tract, as well as treat degenerative changes in the bone structures.

Boldo 1X acts as a powerful stimulant for the gallbladder. This medication promotes stomach secretion and excretion of urea. It also secondarily helps treat dyspepsia and hepatogenic gastritis.

Cynara scolymus 1X primarily treats dyspepsia and hepatogenic gastritis. It is also effective for relieving blockage of the portal vein into the liver, and promotes excretion of toxins that accumulate in the organs and connective tissues from endogenic and exogenic sources. In addition, Cynara scolymus can help resolve acute and chronic infections, swelling of the liver, diabetes, hemorrhoids and digestive difficulties.

Taraxacum 1X cleans the liver and renal system. This bitter-tasting plant also addresses afflictions of the gallbladder, and stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver to overcome impairment caused by illnesses such as rheumatism or arthritis.

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