40% DMSO Eye Drops in Normal Saline


This 40% DMSO solution should be used 1 drop in each eye once per day but there are other protocols that should be used for full healing. It is also advised to drink 1 tsp of pure DMSO in a glass of orange juice each day to assist all kinds of eye issues, from vision problems in the elderly to tired eyes to retinal problems. There will be a stinging sensation for about 30 or 40 seconds which is normal, then it will cease. For glaucoma and cataracts, this is not the issue of the eye but of the liver or the stomach/spleen and for successful repair, liver cleansing and healing needs to be in conjunction with this process.

*DO NOT USE ON A FALSE LENS (if you have had cataract surgery, take DMSO internally instead).

​The bottle and dropper are sterilized. Distilled water is boiled and natural whole sea salt is added to create a normal saline solution. It is stored in amber glass.

​See the Homeopathic section for more products to detox the liver. If you wish to start with a lighter approach to begin, first try the 20% Organic Sulfur Eye Solution.

30 ml

Expiry date is 1 year from opening. Store in a cool and dark location. Take care not to spill the product when using.


For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions. 

A stronger protocol is using 1-2 drops in each eye 1-2 times a day (always treat both eyes even if your condition is unilateral). Use less if you find they make your eyes sensitive. It is often preferred using them before bedtime. Make sure to have a tissue with you as they will sting and your eyes will water, this is normal. Make sure not to contaminate the dropper by touching it to your face or eye. Once opened they should be stored in the fridge but they don't have to be if you are using them up within a months time. Storing them in the fridge can also reduce some of the burning sensation.

Expiry date is 1 year from opening. If they get contaminated (ie the dropper is touched) it can be less, like 6 months. Watch for any “blooms’ in the solution. Store in a cool and dark location. Take care not to spill the bottle when administering.

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 3 cm
Vitamin C

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28 reviews for 40% DMSO Eye Drops in Normal Saline

  1. Gayla T.

    I love your products and I really see a difference in using this solution in my eyes as well as putting them in my dogs eyes. He is elderly and I don’t want him to lose his eyesight. Thanks for a great product and I know I will be ordering more products from you in the future. Thanks!

  2. Neil M.

    I have been using my 40% DMSO saline solution eye drops for the past three days and I have already noticed a significant improvement in reduced blurring, both with and without my glasses. I can see my laptop screen much better.

    This may be placebo at work but having been using DMSO in combination with Chlorine Dioxide internally for the past couple of months, this has greatly benefited my body’s ability to detoxify.

    After some recent jogging, I ended up mucking up my ankle ligaments to the extent that I could not walk without a limp as it was so painful. Applying DMSO topically sorted that out really quickly. I know these anecdotal experiences have nothing to do with the eye drops, the fact that DMSO in involved probably points to the positive experience I had with the eye drops as not being placebo but rather, Dimethyl Sulfoxide cleaning up my eye balls.

    It is important to note that when initially applied on the eyes, the stinging sensation was felt for about 30-40 seconds, particularly in my weaker left eye. Perhaps this is a sign that the DMSO has its work cutout to remove more sludge in my weaker eye. Doc, perhaps you could shed some light on this?

    I can’t wait to see the results of using the eye drops consistently over time and my vision hopefully improving, my eye biology/mechanisms cleaned up, including floaters dissolving in time. In the meantime, I am delighted with my successes so far with DMSO.

    Thank you!

  3. Elaine K.

    I feel like these drops are helping and my vision seems clearer. They sting like crazy and my eyes tears a lot, though, then it is all over in a minute or so. I’m sticking with them and trust my eyes will continue to get better and better. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  4. Mira

    First I have to thank you Amandha for making these eye drops and making it possible for many people to heal their eyes!
    After having retinal detachment I had lots of floaters. My doctor said that there is nothing we can do about it…but he wasn’t right.
    I am very happy that floaters are almost gone! Only the biggest one is still slightly there but hundreds of small ones are gone!
    I also noticed that my vision improved and my eyes are brighter.
    Thank you again, God Bless you and your family!

  5. Melvina R.

    I am glad I found Amanda and ordering her stuff for my eyes I know it’s going to help me a lot and I hope and pray. She can help touch so many people💜

  6. Elaine D.

    So far I am quite satisfied with the purchase, I want to give the item at least three months before I can give an accurate review.u

  7. Mildred C.

    I am taking for cataracts can you tell me how many times a day I should take it to dissolve the cataracts. So far I feel that they are not getting worse.

    • Store Owner

      I suggest twice a day and when this bottle is finished I suggest you work with the 40% with vitamin C. Cataracts are considered scurvy of the eye. Make sure you are taking vitamin C orally (2000mg three times a day at least) and topical magnesium. Avoid any foods that are hard for you to digest and pro-inflammatory foods. If you are drinking hard water (well water) switch to distilled, RO or fresh spring water.

  8. Albert W.

    I am pleased !


  9. Shawna T.

    My favorite eye drops. Yes it stings a little. Yes it is worth it. My dry eye is nearly cured, even after having three eye surgeries in the right eye over the course of my life.

  10. Miriam L.

    I have an aggressive form of cataracts that came on within three months of a perfect clean bill of eye health. I would not accept the “verdict” of surgery and looked for other options. Close to the end of June, 2019 I began using yummy mummy’s DMSO 40% eye solution in normal saline. Within less than one week the milky film over my vision nodes in both eyes disappeared. My cataracts still exist, but at least the blinding haze was lifted. Now I am using the drops twice a day with the aim of halting any further cataract growth and then concentrating on reversing them altogether. I am extremely impressed with this product, as I am all that I purchase from yummy mummy. I have noticed improvement in my vision since using the drops, such as being able to use my regular glasses at the computer vs using my computer glasses; being able to read extreme fine print in dim light; and being able to enjoy a couple of hours in the morning without wearing my glasses before my eyes begin to strain. I will keep you posted as to any other progressions. I think this is extraordinary and could be utterly revolutionary in eye care.

  11. Is R.

    I am so sorry to hear that Canadians can no longer buy this product here. It is an amazing product – the only thing I’ve found that works for cataracts without surgery. It makes me glad I now live in the States!

    My husband and I both started the DMSO 40% eye solution near the end of April 2019. It has now been 2-1/2 months that we’ve been doing it, twice a day, along with 1 tsp DMSO in water with magnesium ascorbate (for the vitamin C and magnesium).

    The doctors told my husband they won’t do cataract surgery on him: he’s 82 now and the rheumatic fever he had at age 8 affected his eyes, so he’s not a candidate for surgery. As well, he has glaucoma but cannot tolerate the beta blocker meds.

    He tells me he can already tell the difference in his vision. Not a lot yet, but noticeable. I feel assured now that he will not go blind. As well, I am beginning to notice a change for the better with my own eyes. Eventually, we will go to the eye doctor for a comparison with our checkup that was done just before we started this regimen.

  12. Clara S.

    Hello there yummymummy. My name is ClaraS. My review on your 40% dmso/saline eye solution product. I cannot believe how this product has worked so far. It has improved my cataract issue by at least 50% so far and I’ve only been using it about 3-4 weeks. I will definitely continue usage and reorder for maintenance. Thank you.

  13. Melba J W.

    I love what you do for others. You have a true heart. I love everything I’ve purchased. Stay strong! I want to see your business grow larger. Take care.

  14. HOWARD G.

    The product arrived quickly. I am taking it as prescribed awaiting and in anticipation of great results in a matter of time. Don’t know how long that will be but will persevere to get better eyesight.
    I must say your YouTube videos being informative were actually funny too as you have a great sense of humor.

    Thanks for your advice and product.
    Howard G.

  15. Katie B.

    I have been using this eye solution every night and once during the day sometimes for several months. My eyes have been much clearer and I do not need my reading glasses unless the print is very small. I am 74 years old so this is a great improvement. Thank you for this great product.

  16. Robert M.

    It’s only been a little less than a month and seeing a little bit better from bad vision and floaters are getting smaller

  17. Nadine D.

    Thank you for this. I have tried NAC drops and MSM 15% drops and nothing compares to yours. I’ve noticed the biggest change since I received my order. I’m very impressed and I will be back though I hope the cataract comes off faster now.

  18. Diana L.

    Great customer service! I will order again from this company.

  19. joseph b.

    eyes are whiter! vision slightly improved…..been using for 2 weeks….hopefully the progress will continue

  20. Monica B.

    I can tell a difference in my eyes since starting this and will be buying more in the future. Great work Amandha, this is a Wonderful product. Thank You

  21. L. B.

    Great product, fast shipping, love my first order from Amandha.

  22. Jennifer R.

    I am very happy to write this review. I attempted making an eye solution myself, only 17%, and it made my eyes cloudy for a while… something wasn’t right. This product – 40% – makes my eyes immediately clear. I am noticing after 12 uses spots / floaters decreasing. I also believe some cloudiness I was experiencing was early cataract development. This seems to be gone already! I am also hoping for improvement in acuity, which had declined recently. I think there is a little bit of improvement, but I will need more time to be sure on this.
    HIGHLY recommend this product!

  23. Linda M.

    I have cataracts and Fuchs Dystrophy and these drops are definitely helping.

  24. Marla C.

    I like this product.

  25. Freda N.

    I am so excited about the 40% solution as I have had a cataract for quite awhile and it was really starting to affect my life. I could no longer drive at night or see in the dark at home when getting up during the night. I have only been using it for about 11 days and usually have one day off every five so I am really excited about the long term results as I already can see better in the dark and drove home in the dark without slowing down because I couldn’t see. The cataract is not gone but I feel it may be breaking up as some days it is blurry and others it seems clearer. The vision in my other eye is even better and floaters are diminishing, colours brighter. Very excited. Thank you Amanda this has taken me from stress to excitement.

  26. Susan B.

    I have been using this product for one month for glaucoma, cataracts and floaters. I am working with my Ophthalmalogist in regards to all of these issues and although the eye pressure was not stabilized after one month of use I am thrilled to say it is dissolving my cataracts and floaters. I was advised to go back on the glaucoma eye drops in the p.m. but am continuing to use the DMSO 40% Solution in Normal Saline every other day in the a.m. along with one teas DMSO in 4 oz. orange juice daily.

  27. Azra M.

    I love this product. The initial sting is not bad at all for me and it makes my eyes feel much better. Over time I hope it will help my cornea’s, which were scarred by eye surgery in the past.

  28. Jannina h.

    Been using one drop everyday in my eyes. They feel so much better. I can see clearly. Thank you

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