Shampoo Bar All Natural with Silk Peptides


I finally did it! I made an all natural Shampoo Bar! That’s right, you can wash your hair with this one. I added silk peptides to the lye (see long description for more on this). French red clay for the red swirl and diatomaceous earth in the lighter portion. These clays assist with providing nutrition to the hair and DE is detrimental to skin mites (which everyone has!) The scent will suit either a man or a woman with pine, rosemary, tea tree and a hint of patchouli. 2 sizes. Enjoy!

Large: 100g – 110g
Small:  70g – 75g


Silk peptides contain 18 different amino acids, all come from the cocoon of the silk worm, and all have a chemical composition that is very close to that of human skin and hair making them a wonderful source of nourishment and maintenance. Its particle size allows it to penetrate the skin and hair thereby giving it a more value-added aspect to go along with appearance enhancements. The shine, elasticity, and smooth feel it provides to hair become apparent after it dries and turns into a protective crystalline film that is less sticky than collagen or keratin. Upon penetrating the skin, silk peptide helps to retain moisture while providing an attractive sheen.

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Large (100g), Medium (90g), Small (65g)


  1. livingpure (verified owner)

    This shampoo bar is great. I’ve been looking for a good alternative to toxic shampoo for years without luck. This shampoo bar works great. My hair still looks great without the usual greasy or straw look I get when trying an alternative. Because my hair is very long I have used a silicone scrubber with long tips to lather with and get it to really cleanse the scalp. I have ordered more so I don’t run out.

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