Sedona Sands Detoxing Glycerin Poppy Seed Soap


My glycerin soap is well-loved. Here is another variety of this marvelous, skin moisturizing soap that is safe for all skin types. I love the artsy layers in this edition! This activated charcoal, hemp seed, and olive oil soap includes skin-supporting red clay, skin amino peptides and pure essential oils of cinnamon, clove, silver fir needle, orange, litsea, and patchouli. The scent is amazing! Activated charcoal helps to detox the skin. The bottom layer contains exfoliating poppy seeds and the top is decorated with eco-glitter that is fully biodegradable and will not harm life. I have used eco-friendly mica inside this soap which gives in a lovely sheen to it, hence the name! Get it before it’s gone as this is a limited edition.

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It is best to store all soaps on a well-draining soap dish for maximum longevity! Weight ranges from 160-180g approximately.

Additional information

Weight .160 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 2 cm

6 reviews for Sedona Sands Detoxing Glycerin Poppy Seed Soap

  1. Kate H.

    I love this soap. It feels so good on the skin, smells nice and my face does not feel dry after.

  2. monica v.

    The smell is incredible. I feel like I am wearing a perfume

  3. joe b.

    love it!!!

  4. Arnold V.

    I love the soap it works and makes my skin feel fresh

  5. Rosemary B.

    I gave this Black Raspberry detoxing glycerin Poppy Seed soap to my sister as a gift. She eschews commercial soaps, and rightly so, because for those of us with chemical sensitivities cannot abide the stinging and rashes we develop after using commercial soap. Plus, commercial soap is unfriendly to the environment. I haven’t heard back from her yet, but in the past, she has always enjoyed the handmade soaps I’ve sent her, and I’m CERTAIN she will enjoy this one.

  6. Rosemary B.

    I can tell you a dozen reasons to LOVE THIS SOAP! The reasonable price, the quick and safe shipping, the generous size, the easier grip by virtue of the poppy-seed “scrubbers”, the ecological advantage of using hand-made soap as opposed to commercial soap, the COLOUR!, the PERFUME (mmmmmm……), the density of the soap (after a month’s use, it has barely reduced in size!), economical, deep cleaning (your skin will SQUEAK after use!), grease-cutting properties. This should be PLENTY of good reasons to buy this Black Raspberry Detoxing Glycerin Poppy Seed Soap! I will be ordering more again, later this summer! THANK YOU!

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