New Roots Elderberry Juice Powder – 100g


Elderberry Juice Powder is a healthy and delicious choice as a beverage or for culinary use.


  • are a good source of fibre
  • can assist colds and strep throat
  • help the heart
  • can help prevent cancer
  • ideal to help brain health
  • help eyesight
  • help weight loss
  • keep skin and hair healthy

Sambucus nigra ssp. nigra
From Northern Europe · 160+ Berries per Portion
Format: Powder

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Sourced from Northern Europe, Elderberry Juice Powder is made from non‑GMO validated berries. The distinct flavour shines in convenient powder form as it dissolves well for use in hot or cold beverages and for culinary applications. Their deep purple hue can also be used to naturally liven up the visual presentation of your favourite recipes.

Healthy choices add up for better health. Discover how Elderberry Juice Powder in convenient powder form can benefit your active lifestyle.


Treating yourself to elderberry juice has never been easier or more delicious. Add to water for a smooth, delicate beverage, with just a touch of tartness. No sugar or artificial sweeteners added.

Enjoy in smoothies, yogurt, or almond milk. Get creative! May be used to make popsicles or as a natural food colouring for a splash of pink or lavender.


Northern-European elderberry juice concentrated powder (maltodextrin and elderberries).

Elderberries Are A Good Source Of Fibre

Getting the recommended daily amount of fibre provides health benefits that include the following:

-Balance of cholesterol
-Prevention of constipation
-Improvement of bowel function
-Reduction of blood pressure
-Protection from cardiovascular disease
-Protection from colorectal cancer

Elderberry Can Assist Colds And Strep Throat

Elderberries contain antioxidants like Vitamin C. They also reduce inflammation and boost the action of waste removal in the blood. Their anti-inflammatory properties mean that they might soothe a sore throat. Elderberries also have anti-depressant properties, so they can assist with mood balance.

Elderberries Help The Heart

Elderberries contain a lot of potassium and thus help control blood pressure. A diet that is high in potassium benefits the heart and reduces the risk of fatal ischemic heart disease. Elderberries also contain anthocyanins, which are compounds that protect the inner wall of the blood vessels. That protection reduces the risk of heart disease by improving circulation, so the blood flows more easily.

Elderberries Can Help Prevent Cancer

Elderberries contain a flavonoid called quercetin that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities (also helpful to control histamine response in those who have allergies). It also stimulates the white blood cells (similar to colloidal silver) and may aid a natural cancer protocol. A study conducted at the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources indicated that elderberries could both prevent and treat prostate cancer. The researchers found that high concentrations of elderberry can inhibit a biochemical process called hedgehog signaling, which has been implicated as a cause of prostate cancer.

Ideal To Help Brain Health

Elderberries contain nutrients like flavonoids that can slow the cognitive decline that often accompanies aging. In 2014, the science journal “Frontiers in Pharmacology” published a review of different studies devoted to the effects of flavonoids on the brain. The researchers found studies that demonstrated that the anthocyanins in various berries, including elderberries, could improve the health of both the brain and the neurons. At least one study found that flavonoids in blueberries could improve memory.

Elderberries Help Eyesight

Elderberries contain a lot of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin A, both of which help eyes stay healthy. They can, for example, decrease the risk of serious eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma. The antioxidants in berries also help protect the eyes.

Elderberries Help Weight Loss

Since elderberries contain lost of fiber, they help people stay full longer and prevent them from overeating. They thus help them lose weight.

The journal “Phytotherapy Research” reported a 2008 study in which researchers treated 80 obese patients with extracts made from elderberries and asparagus. At the end of the study, they found that the volunteers had lost weight. Their blood pressure had also gone down, and they felt better, both physically and emotionally. Most of the participants reported that they found the treatment very easy to follow.

These Berries Keep Skin And Hair Healthy

Elderberries owe their color to anthocyanins, which also help protect the skin. An extract from the fruit can reduce bruising and inflammation. The antioxidants in elderberries mean that the extract can also be used to treat herpes. The Vitamin A in elderberries can reduce and prevent the development of wrinkles.

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