Nature’s Skin Eczema Lotion with Calendula Chickweed with DMSO


Nature’s Skin is a light, easy-to-spread lotion that is plant power-packed!

4 oz and 8 oz sizes available.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, raw shea butter, castor oil, olive oil extractions of chickweed and calendula, distilled water extractions of chickweed and calendula, DMSO, aloe vera, essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass, natural emulsifying wax, Vitamin E.

Apply 2-3 times a day to damaged skin regions. Wash off or leave on, depending on toxin severity (wash off if higher).


For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions. 


Nature’s Skin cream is famous for assisting in the healing of eczema. This allows the wastes sitting underneath the skin to be released through the skin (chickweed) and the skin to heal (calendula). Eczema is commonly caused by vaccination and/or poor feeding (GMOs, pesticides). Halt all poisoning by dangerous biologics aka vaccines, do not use suppressive cortisol nor antibiotics, this will make everything WORSE. The gut needs to be addressed, give a probiotic, keep a food journal and omit any liver congesting foods (foods that make the skin worse) and always use or give magnesium to assist the liver to process the wastes properly.

For severe eczema only (weeping), apply to skin, cleanse after 15 minutes, moisturize with olive oil, do up to 3 times a day until the skin heals, then apply as needed, without removal. For regular eczema apply twice a day.

Store cool. Shake well before applying.

25% DMSO

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4 oz, 8 oz


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Amanda – your calendula & chickweed plus dmso has helped heal the eczema on my hands. Whenever I have a breakout, it’s the only thing that helps. It’s an excellent product. Thank you. ❤️

  2. Leanne O.

    This lotion has completely cleared my daughter’s eczema!

  3. CLOVIS M.

    Typical of every wonderful product ive had the blessing of ordering from Yummy Mummy this one is no different. Even with my daughter missing the multiple applications suggested her eczema is still clearing up. Ive began her on a liver cleanse to aid in expelling the toxin. Wont hesitate to order anything from A.V.

  4. Celeste D.

    Amazing results. My daughter has had eczema for most of her life. I bought this product for her as she could find no relief. Her hands were raw and they hurt. Within days the eczema on her hands cleared. After the second week the skin on her hands were like new. Soft and renewed.
    Thank you so much.

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