Genestra SunButyrate Liquid – 280ml


Source of butyric acid in a great-tasting butyrate form

• Features SunButyrate™, an innovative butyrate-rich triglyceride oil
• Provides 875 mg of butyric acid per teaspoon
• Designed to protect butyrate from degradation in the stomach for targeted delivery into the intestines
• Butyrate constitutes an important energy source
• Delicious natural blueberry-vanilla-flavoured liquid can be taken alone or easily mixed into food or drinks

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SunButyrate™ Liquid was designed to provide a supplemental dietary source of butyric acid with SunButyrate™, a proprietary, butyrate-rich triglyceride oil. Butyrate is one of the most abundant short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) in the colon, where it acts as a key energy source for colon cells. Findings show that butyrate accounts for about 70% of colon epithelial cell (colonocyte) total energy consumption. Once absorbed, colonocytes rapidly oxidize 95% of the butyrate into ketone bodies for ATP synthesis. As such, butyrate constitutes an important energy source for the body, providing anywhere from 5% to 15% of a person’s daily caloric needs.

SunButyrate™ provides butyrate in a unique, highly palatable triglyceride form, which protects against premature degradation in the stomach and upper GI tract. While other forms demonstrate 70% breakdown in the stomach, GI models and in vitro studies reveal only 6-8% breakdown with SunButyrate™, in addition to this form maintaining over 90% integrity in the intestine. Available in a delicious natural blueberry-vanilla flavour, SunButyrate™ Liquid can be taken alone or mixed into food or drinks for an easy way to supplement dietary butyrate.

Increased bioavailability
Butyrate is typically produced in the colon. Oral butyrate salts are easily degraded by stomach acid, preventing delivery to the colon. SunButyrate’s proprietary formulation is designed to protect butyrate from degradation in the stomach, maintaining optimal delivery to the small intestine.

When taste matters
Oral butyrate salts have poor palatability and odour, which make for a challenging recommendation, often resulting in the use of other butyrate forms that break down in the stomach. SunButyrate™ Liquid offers a great-tasting formula with improved delivery to the colon and features:

• A natural blueberry-vanilla flavour
• A light consistency derived from sunflower oil
• A highly palatable, versatile liquid that can be taken alone or mixed easily into food or beverages

Butyric Acid (from 4500 mg of SunButyrate™ Butyrate Triglycerides) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .875 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Natural blueberry and vanilla flavours, mixed tocopherols concentrate (from sunflower oil), rosemary leaf extra

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