Gemstone Earrings


Enjoy the energetic and healing benefits of gemstones, in rough or polished formats on silver plated (nickel free) hardware (hardware styles may vary from pictures shown, between shepherds hook or loop style, with a silver or gold-look finish). As with all natural crystals, no two are exactly alike.

Choose from amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine (heated), selenite, and black tourmaline.


Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz crystal composed of silicon dioxide with traces of iron.
As a healing stone it is said to be helpful in ridding nightmares. Also helpful to calm an overworked and over stressed mind. It is thought to dispel negativity and create a peaceful environment.

Pure (clear) Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and forms six sided crystals. The master stone, once thought to be solidified light, is used by many to remove negativity and promote harmony and co-operation within an environment. Special characteristics of storing (programming), amplifying and transmitting thoughts and energy. Activates pineal and pituitary glands. It is also used in cleansing and energizing other crystals and minerals. Excellent for meditation and accessing higher self and guides.

Rose quartz is a member of the largest family of stones, the silica group and is composed of silicon dioxide with traces of titanium. It emits a calming, cooling energy which can work on all of the chakras to gently remove negativity and to reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self-love. The pink colour of rose quartz has been symbolic of love throughout the ages.

Citrine is considered the "merchant stone" due to it's ability to promote abundance, creativity and power. It also stimulates the crown chakra and is therefore helpful in stimulating the mind. It also helps align the chakras and balances energy. This citrine is a heat treated amethyst, an affordable alternative to natural citrine which is relatively rare. It shows a range of translucent colors from sunny yellow to brown.

Selenite is named after the Greek word for moon, contrary to popular belief, it contains no significant selenium. Selenite is a form of fibrous and crystallized gypsum, of which there are three other varieties; satin spar, desert rose and gypsum flower. These four varieties are sometimes grouped together under the name selenite. As a healing stone, this mineral is commonly used to charge or cleanse crystals. It is said to help regenerate the cellular structure and has been used to correct skeletal disorders and to promote flexibility. Selenite also provides clarity of mind, expanding awareness.

Black Tourmaline has many interesting optical properties. When viewed through their vertical axis, some specimens appear darker or differ in color than when seen through their horizontal axis. Certain Tourmalines exhibit a cat's eye effect when polished. This mineral is also piezoelectric which means that through mechanical action an electric pulse is formed, similar to quartz. Tourmaline is sought after as a talisman of protection to deflect and counteract negative energies. It is also used to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants.

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Amethyst, Cluster, Amethyst, Point, Amethyst, Rough, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Point, Citrine, Rough, Clear Quartz, Point, Clear Quartz, Rough, Rose Quartz, Point, Rose Quartz, Rough, Selenite


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Gemstone Guardian Pocket Angels

Sacred guardian angel carved gemstones, pocket sized. A great and thoughtful gift. Be sure to charge your angel with prayers and make sure to wrap it when carrying it. May the pure angels always walk with you.  In many gemstone styles. Size and colour will vary slightly. I will always pick the nicest one for you! Choose from: amethyst, yellow aragonite, carnelian, fluorite, sodalite and rose quartz and clear quartz.