DMSO Horsetail Hair Regrowth Spray – All Natural


Infused with Horsetail and Rosemary extracts this beautiful DMSO-based hair support spray will help your hair thicken and grow well.

Contains – DMSO (50%), Horsetail extract in spring water, Rosemary flower water, peppermint flower water, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil, aloe vera. 100ml glass or PETE bottle.



For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions. 

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Please ensure not to spray it into your eyes, so apply it close to the scalp unless you are treating existing hair. Use it once a week or once or twice a day. Peppermint and Aloe Vera also grace this marvelous hair support product. Horsetail contains high levels of silica which hair loves. Essential oils are known to kill mites (a common cause of alopecia) and draw blood to the area to nourish the hair. It's a good idea to also take a multi-B vitamin and topical magnesium during treatment for maximum results. Please use only on clean hair. Do not mix with toxic products. If you use hair dye do not use this until at least 3 washes post dye (if only bleached just 1 wash is enough). You can use my all natural African Black Shampoo or a pure castile soap for washing.

If you are taking pharmaceutical medication, you should look up the drug overdose information because you may need to lower its use. Use the product sparingly and start slow to make sure things are compatible.

Use suggestions: Once a day on clean scalp is general use if you are wanting thicker hair growth. Apply as many sprays as you need for proper coverage. Twice a day if you want the process to work faster. Once a week if you are just doing maintenance or want to support existing hair. Alopecia will need more applications and many people will need additional liver and blood support for lasting success.

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  1. Kristina N. (verified owner)

    I have bought it for my little nephew (a sweet autistic child) who has been suffering from a circular boldness (circular bold spots on the scalp) due to the ‘marvelous’ vaccines. His parents now know better; have been educating them for some 5-6 months already.
    I have started to rub the homemade DMSO-hair spray (I have Amandha’s book, of course) on his bold spots since the moment I had come back to Bulgaria (had been living in Germany for 22+ years before). The spots have already started to grow hair, but the original spray, which I bought, seems to work even better (maybe because of the added horsetail & other substances). So this product is MERCILESSLY EFFICIENT & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  2. Elen H.

    Love it

  3. Dwayne J.

    my 3rd bottle ,i really dont need a hair regrowth elixir,but ill use any form of snake oil that tingles my scalp and smells like peppermint ,and wait for it ,that taste ,what is that ?WOW DMSO is making my brain do a hippie dance ,i will be ordering this for eternity and beyond ,gurls got talent

  4. Marla S.

    My only regret is that I did not take “before” pictures.

  5. chaftar w.

    Very good product !

  6. Ina M.

    I spray it after shower, on the roots, I see a big difference now my hair is not going oily the second day, so I can have it 3 days in a row without washing it and without looking dirty

  7. Marla S.

    I am only sorry that I didn’t take a before picture because no one will believe the results with just one bottle. I am ordering more now before she runs out😍

  8. Marcel R.

    I love very much all your true knowledge informations in your videos and I thank God for people like you and I wish you the best
    God blessed you
    Marcel Rochon

  9. Arnold V.

    I love all the products I have bought from you

  10. Todd

    I’ve tried and used several different hair regrowth products and nothing has remotely come close to working as well as this one! The DMSO allows the ingredients to be absorbed much better. It is very easy and convenient to use (couple sprays massaged in & your good to go). It doesn’t dry your hair out, make it sticky or weigh it down. Just moisturizes your hair with the nutrients that it needs to facilitate hair growth.

  11. Pamela S.

    I was anxiously awaiting this products arrival to put it to the test. It delivered more than expected! My hair felt thicker, fuller, soft and looked shiny after one application. I love it!!! 💖

  12. Nadia M.

    For someone who has fine, brittle, dry hair that will fall out by the handfuls with every change of the season I find this Hair Regrowth Spray a miracle in a bottle. I’m experiencing significantly less hair loss especially after I shower, the baby hairs are sprouting all around my head and I’m looking forward to having healthy hair.

  13. ann c.

    my hair stoped falling out. it is growing longer were it has not grown for years. Thanks to yummy mummy. ann chernok 7246284861

  14. jessica m.

    Bought this for my ad after seeing it on your YouTube channel..he said after 1 wash he had little-no hair fallout in the shower where normally he’d have clumps. Needless to say, he’s obsessed!

  15. Dennis B.

    Have been using the spray daily since it’s arrival a couple weeks ago. Thanks, by the way, for your prompt service. Too early to notice any regrowth but the existing hair seems to like it. It looks and feels more bouncy and alive. Not sure of the time it takes to notice any regrowth but will be ordering more when I do. Thank you… PS: Love your refreshing & informative you tube videos. You do awesome and inspiring work, Thanks again, Dennis.


      Thank you! It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the hair to stop falling out and another 2-3 weeks for new hair to begin growing (from other people’s testimony). If you also do this with an internal protocol you will get even better results: 50 mg zinc per day with food, 10 sprays topical EASE magnesium on the body twice a day, turmeric (golden milk or otherwise), MSM sulfur crystals 1 tsp twice a day, NatPro Progesterone cream, 1 pump 1-2 times a day on the skin (to properly balance hormones). If thyroid related also take 1 drop Biotics Iodine a day an take adaptogens like Siberian Ginseng and Maca root –
      1 tsp- 1 tbsp a day in a smoothy.

  16. cristelle l.

    Been using it for 2 weeks an Hair stopped falling out in little clumps while I shower!

  17. angelo m.

    Having only just started using the product ,the seems to be quite a bit of faster growth happening .
    A little early to say yet but I am betting that based on what I am seeing ,this product could be a godsend .

  18. Melanie C.

    I absolutely love this unique product! When applying it, I feel my scalp gently tingling, and I can say that my hair looks thicker since beginning to use it! My hair also seems to be growing faster! Nowhere else can you find a product like it! It’s a one-of-a-kind, made with top notch ingredients and Amandha’s expertise. Thank you so much for making this and your other amazing products, Amandha!!! I’ll be buying more when I run out!

  19. Monica V.

    MY HAIR grow like never before and I purchase some for my sisters

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