DMSO Dandelion Supreme Body Bliss Lotion


The lovely Dandelion Supreme Body Bliss is a beautiful body lotion to apply right after a shower for soft and supple skin. We love it! Absorbs well and not greasy. All-natural. With added DMSO, the herbal medicine is directed into the body to assist the liver to heal, detox and purify wastes. It’s like a mini detox in a bottle.

4 oz CREAM also available.


For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions. 


Made with love and care: Fresh spring water, olive oil extracts of organic dandelion root & leaf, nettle leaf, burdock root, ginger root, oregon grape root, yellow dock, peony root, hydrangea root, milk thistle, boldo leaf, wild yam, DMSO, shea butter, cacao butter, neroli flower distillate, aloe vera, vitamin E, emulsifying wax, germall plus, colloidal silver, essential oils of pink grapefruit, rosemary & ginger Love. Also tuned to 432 Hz (tuning fork). ​This is pure goodness in a bottle!

4 oz/118 ml or 8oz/236ml, In a green or clear DMSO safe, PETE bottle.

The expiry date is 1 year after opening.

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4 oz (118 ml) LOTION, 8 oz (236 ml) LOTION, 4 oz (118 ml) CREAM

15 reviews for DMSO Dandelion Supreme Body Bliss Lotion

  1. Marsha S.

    I love how this goes on my skin after a shower, so soft and silky

  2. Erin

    Fabulous for arthritic knees. I also have a torn meniscus in my knee and this at least twice a day with some extra DMSO has kept me from having surgery. Can’t go without it!!

  3. Salma S

    The best body cream you can have
    It solve my dry hand and cuticles completely.

  4. Suzette R.

    Love this lotion I use it daily

  5. Leisa C

    This lotion is creamy and addicting. The scent of lotion is spicy. I like to use it after my shower before bed on my torso.

    I love knowing the ingredients are organic and made with with wisdom amd love. I have benefited physically and emotionally from every product i have integrated from yummy mummy emporium and apothecary.

  6. Tonya D.

    I had a rash on my chest and stomach for two weeks. I had no idea what caused it and did not want to pay a dermatologist. I used this lotion twice a day on the rash and it went away in three days. It is very hydrating. Love it.

  7. Dawn

    Bliss! That’s the first word that comes to mind. I live in the desert, moisturizing is a MUST. It is very difficult as most things are oily, greasy or wax laden! After the dirt use my ‘lizard’ (skin as we call int here), was gone!!
    I can’t wait, to see how much more it will do when I go to other states!

  8. christina c.

    This body lotion is so awesome! Goes into the skin not greasy at all…and leaves you well hydrated.

  9. Suzette R.

    I love this lotion use it every day

  10. Twyla H.

    The vibration is apparent the minute you put this on your skin. It stopped pain in my husband’s foot that has a bunch of metal in it. It is amazing!

  11. cristelle l.

    Very moisturizing just unsure about the DMSO and plastic combo. Use it sparingly.

  12. katarina a.

    Love this concoction !
    I have dedicated this lotion to my liver. Everyday after shower I rub a generous amount in circular motion over my liver. Feels good, and I like the bitter smell. Will buy more for sure

  13. Cheryl H.

    Wow! What a wonderful treat to look forward to after a relaxing bath or even a quick shower. Its not hard to tell this is a product made with a lot of love & thought put into it. Very Pleased!

  14. Donna W.

    Love this! So refreshing❤️

  15. Sherry D.

    I’ve found the perfect lotion! I’ve been making my own oil/essential oil mix for years (as an alternative to store bought lotions) but this lotion is truly wonderful. The first time I used it, my skin was noticeable softer almost immediately.

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