African Black Glycerin Soap – Various Styles


Oh yeah, baby. Mama made some new soaps! African Black Glycerin Soap coloured with natural mica and scented with Oceanus fragrance. These are very long-lasting bars and limited edition. In copper, gold, rose gold and silver (bee bars). Please choose the style. We choose the colour/random. If you want to mention your preferences in the comments we will try to meet your suggestion but no guarantees. Please list 1st and 2nd preference – Copper, Gold, Rose Gold for the round soaps – Copper, Silver and Rose Gold for the Bee Bars. Weights range from 80-100g depending on style. The YinYang are large width than the chakra.


This is a vegetable-based, sulfate-free glycerin soap including 5% natural African Black Soap. This innovative soap is designed to cleanse, hydrate, and refresh the skin, balance and revive complexions, and produce a smooth, creamy lather.

Dark Brown Color from Raw African Black Soap
Sulfate Free- No SLS or SLES
MPG Free
Excellent Foaming and Lather
Wonderful moisturizing from a high glycerin content. This provides a pleasant skin glide.

Black soap is 100% plant-based, a legacy of ancient traditions, an art passed down from generation to generation. Native to West Africa the composition of the black soap varies according to the plant materials found abundantly in the region where the soap is made.

Why black?

Just like black spruce is not really black, black soap is not quite black: it has an appearance ranging from beige/brown to very dark brown all depending on the raw materials used.
The most common ingredients found are; ashes from plantain skins, banana leaves and skins, palm leaves and/ or cocoa pods. The ashes are then mixed with palm oil, coconut oil and/or shea butter. It was called black, as opposed to soaps made from fats, which appear whiter.

African black soap actually looks more like a dessert, its crumbly texture resembles apple crumble. Odourless, it creates a rich lather that can be used to wash yourself from head to toe, including hair and gentle enough for a baby's skin. Its powerful grease lifting action is also great for cleaning the home. African black soap has many beneficial properties that improve the appearance of your skin.


  • cleans deeply
  • remove impurities
  • reduces acne
  • rich in iron and vitamins A and E
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • strengthens hair

Additional information

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Chakra, Honey Bee, Yin Yang


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