50% DMSO with Natural Magnesium


Do not use while pregnant or nursing. DMSO will detox the body so be mindful to start with a small amount and increase the dosage slowly. Drink plenty of pure water when using. Shake well before using. Nagari magnesium is from deep ocean water, so the product may contain small pieces of sand or grit, even though filtered.

NEW! You love Doctor Yummy’s Zen Natural Magnesium, time to up the ante! Now DMSO meets magnesium for extra absorption, assistance with pain, inflammation, sleep, and all things liver support. It is important that you learn about DMSO to use it wisely so consider purchasing my easy to follow book Healing with DMSO. Please only use on clean skin and avoid using if on any medications. Do a test patch on skin first to test for any aggravation. Use 10 sprays 1-2 times daily on unbroken skin. Keep away from direct sunlight. Shelf life is 1 year. Warmth, tingling, and itch can occur and are not considered abnormal. Only use natural lotions or other skin products after application for up to 30 minutes. YumNaturals body care products are all-natural and safe to use with DMSO.



Magnesium is responsible for over 900 enzymatic reactions in the body, it is essential for liver detoxification and function, is vital for bone development and ongoing bone health, including teeth, muscle support and repair, skin, hair, and nail strengthening, brain function, pain reduction and virtually every process in the body. DMSO increases blood flow, is anti-inflammatory, helps with pain, and has trans-dermal properties, allowing maximum absorption of substances across the skin. With added preservative-free aloe vera and added vitamin C, this blend is sure to be a favourite go-to for many ailments.



For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions. 

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